Türkiye’de ki diğer Projelerimizde, Enerji ve Yenilebililir Enerji üreticileri, özellikte Rüzgar, Güneş ve Biyogaz Enerji Üreticileri ile birlikte, TEİAŞ ve bağlı bulundukları bakanlıklarla bu alanda birçok projelerimiz  vardır.

Yaşar Üniversitesi ile birlikte, Türkiye’nin rüzgar enerjisi alanında lider kenti İzmir’de, Avusturya Kalkınma Ajansı (ADA) katkısı, Avusturyalı ve Türk proje ortakları ve sektör bileşenleriyle birlikte bir eğitim alt yapı projesi başlattık. Proje ile ülkemizde 10 yılda 10 kat artış gösteren ve binlerce kişiye istihdam yaratan rüzgar enerjisi santrallerinin, servis ve bakım hizmetlerinde çalışacak personelin kalifikasyonunun yükseltilmesi amacıyla bir eğitim merkezi hayata geçirilecek.




Türkiye’de uzun yıllar, daha önce üst düzey yöneticilik yaptığımız Firmalarda ve  Projelerinde, Enerji  üreticileri ile birlikte, Türkiye'deki birçok petrol ve gaz şirketleri (İpragaz, Aygaz, PO, Total, BP, Milangaz ve birçok gaz Firmaları), bunun yanı sıra TSE (Türk Standartları Enstitüsü) ve bağlı bulundukları bakanlıklarla öncelikle LPG sektörü Riskler ve iş güvenliği olmak üzere, yeni Tahribatsız periyodik Test Metotlarının uygulanması ve Türkiye ye adaptasyonu çalışmalarında ve  bu alanda ki yapılanması, zorunlu Testlerin hayata geçirilmesinde önemli katkılarımız ve birçok projelerimiz  vardır.


Energy Consulting for the Photovoltaic & Windparks


Our Partner Company founded in 2015 to give engineers and consultancy services to Turkish energy sectors. The company services area focuses on primary renewable energy sources, mainly solar power plants and wind power plants. Now, our company implements various kinds of projects in these fields such as solar pumps, development of solar power plant projects etc.

We are working in various sectors and having been actively working in hydroelectric power plants O&M services.

Our company targets mainly inspection serviceforto renewable energsector, which has been improving considering recent regulations and subsidies. Although many companies focus on only development of solar and wind power plant projects, the services in these areas are close to fill in the sector. For instance, to implement these renewable projects, it is essential to find open calls in substations and has to get the necessary permissions from TEIAS, TEDAS and related private distribution company.  we believe that after a certain time (probably takes at least 5 years), it is hard to give this kind of services at the energy sector because the market will be filled in. Hence, foreseeing the market development and business volume in the sector, we decided to enter new services.  At this point, we will be glad to work with TÜV SÜD to lead services explained in this report.


Turkish Energy Market and Potential


Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources Strategy Plan for 2023 Vision has been implemented since 2010. There are strict targets who need to be achieved until 2023 to balance demand & supply of electricity. These are:

  1. Increasing total installed capacity of power generation to 120.000 MW

  2. Increasing the share of renewable energy in electricity generation up to 30%.

  3. Management of water and increasing its usage (hydroelectric power plants)

  4. Increasing total installed capacity of wind energy power plant installed capacity to 20.000 MW

  5. Increasing total installed capacity of geothermal energy power plant to 600 MW and

  6. Reaching transmission line length as total 60.717 km

  7. Usage of smart grids in national grid

  8. Increasing the storing capacity of natural gas up to 5 billion m3

  9. Constructing and structuring energy stock exchange market and connect with international markets (mainly EPIAS)

  10. Set into operation of planned nuclear energy power plants (Akkuyu & Sinop and 3rd & 4th Nuclear Power Plants)

  11. Building new coal power plant with total installed capacity at 18.500 MW (planned total capacity)

  12. Increasing the energy efficiency in industrial and domestic sectors.

Considering these 4th and 5th target given in above, the solar and wind market only opened for engineering services and implemented services. If we looked at the recent situation of installed capacity of renewable energy has been increasing. The wind power plant installed  capacity reached to 3700 MW in 2014 and the same goes for solar power plant which installed capacity reached to 40 MW (mostly unlicensed power plants).  There is still many licensed and unlicensed application has under evaluation of EPDK and TEDAS /TEIAS and still many projects are under implementation stage.



Services for Renewable Energy Sector


For Solar Power Plants:

  1. Due Diligence services, preparing pre- feasibility and feasibility reports,

  2. Certification and Inspection Services according to IEC 62446:

    1. Inspection and certification of the supporting PV system structures, according to the Euroced 1, 3, 8 &9.

    2. Inspection and certification of the design study validating the energy performance of the system.

    3. Evaluation of technical documentation and review of the design build study based on the standard EN 62446:2009.

    4. Sampling checks of materials during the delivery and project installation process in addition to complete review of relevant documentation as to verify their compliance to technical specifications( i.e. Panel geometry , sorting etc.)

    5. On-site audit and certification of the installation by qualified technical inspectors utilizing laboratory calibrated instrumentation.


  3. Verification of electrical installation procedures according to the approved study or/and based on the EN 62446:2009 and IEC 60364 standards including; grounding resistance measurements, open circuit voltage, short circuit current, polarity tests, string connections, insulation resistance, electrical panels’ connections, cables and switch disconnector sizing, continuity of protective earth conductors, lightning protection system, SPDs, inventors’ proper operation, labelling and identification of all appropriate materials.

  4. On-site presence during the acceptance tests, during final acceptance of the project and during on-site checks by the Power Supplier.

  5. Issuance of final conformity certificate of the installation according to provisions of the approved study and/or the relative specifications according to standard EN 62446:2009

  6. Additional inspection of photovoltaics installations based on thermographic analysis and measurements of the I-V curve string characteristics adhering to the standard.

  7. Project Acceptance Tests, Commissioning Test and Supervision Services During Commissioning

  8. Remaining standard framework and procedure, implementing thermographic analyses, I-V Measurements and other optional measurement and inspection services for PV systems.

  9. PV panel tests:

    1. IEC 61215 ( Crystalline silicium terrestrial photovoltaic ( PV ) modules- design qualification and type approval)

    2. IEC 61446 (Thin- film terrestrial photovoltaic (PV) modules – design qualification and type approval)

    3. IEC 61730 (Photovoltaic (PV) module safety qualification)

  10. Other Tests:

    1. Performance tests, I-V Measurements, Screening with thermal camera etc.

    2. Laboratory services (electroluminescence tests, thermographic tests, ammonium corrosion test, salt & mist tests)


For Wind Power Plants:

  1. Due Diligence services, preparing pre- feasibility and feasibility reports,

  2. Technical consultancy services (detailed engineering services, modelling of energy production, macro siting services etc.)

  3. Installation of wind measurement towers according to national & international standards or procedures

    1. Inspection during construction and technical consultancy services

    2. Certification process

  4. Certification of wind turbines and towers according to IEC 61400

  5. Participation to Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT)

  6. Supervision services at the field

  7. Performance measurements and energy modeling of wind power plants under operation mode (Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling & Analysis, Calculation of Loses by modeling the system)

Other Services


  1. MRV Services for Solar and Wind Power Plants ( verification & validation of GHG Emissions)

  2. DOE Services for voluntary carbon scheme.

  3. Establishing consortium or partnership in CFCU and EU horizon 2020 projects

  4. Technical consultancy services in hazardous wastes and storage

  5. Participating tenders on technical assistance of water or wastewater power plants (construction or inspections)

  6. Smart Grid Applications

  7. Primary, Secondary and Reactive Power Test, commissioning test defined by TEIAS

  8. Verification services for acoustic emission, noise etc.which have to be implemented during commissioning period of thermal power plants

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